.ORG The Domain That Brings People Together The Domain That Brings People Together.

Power Your Inspiration. Connect Your World.

.ORG is a domain for everyone!

A Solid Legacy

Built on a solid legacy, the .org domain is a globally trusted name.

Who Is .ORG For?

There is a misconception that .org is just for nonprofits or NGOs. It’s not!

Power Your Inspiration. Connect Your World.

Built on a solid legacy,

.ORG is a globally trusted name.

The rich history of .org reflects our ongoing commitment to help those who want to make a positive and substantive impact on the world. Over 50% of every .org domain purchased goes to support ISOC in their mission.

.ORG: Trusted Since 1985

Did you know the internet’s first registered .org domain was MITRE.org? In July 1985, the independent non-profit science and technology institution MITRE registered as a .org to promote its mission for a safer world. Today, the .org community encompasses a wide variety of organizations, from global nonprofits like MITRE to socially responsible corporations to local book clubs and interest-based groups. With over 10 million .orgs and growing over 30 years, people know and trust .org to represent them online.

The Internet Society is Formed in 1992

Did you know that .org has a parent company called the Internet Society (ISOC), a nonprofit dedicated to developing the internet as a resource for good in the world? ISOC builds and supports communities that make the internet work, including developing infrastructure, providing education, and advocating for an open and free internet.


Over 50% of every .org domain purchased goes to support ISOC in their mission.

.ORG Lead the Industry Implementing DNSSEC in 2009

Did you know that .org was the first open domain to enable Domain Name System Security Extensions or DNSSEC for its zone, which provided verification of origin authenticity and integrity of DNS data? The .org reputation as a valued and trusted resource is founded on a strong conviction of promoting privacy, safety, and security on the internet.

.ORG Really Is For Everyone

There is a misconception that .org is just for nonprofits or NGOs. The truth is that while many large and small nonprofits choose to be represented by .org, the domain has always been and always will be open to anyone dedicated to making a difference in their world.

Who Uses .ORG?

Many organizations use .org for their corporate social responsibility sites, such as Google.org and companies that operate as for-profit social enterprises want to be identified for their mission first so they opt for a .org rather than a .com domain. From religious, cultural, and educational institutions to family network groups, associations, and foundations – the diversity of the .org community is inclusive for anyone seeking to make a connection.

It’s trustworthy

The .org extension emphasizes the reliability and moral integrity of the brand that chooses it.

It’s for social good

It’s open to individuals or groups who want to make a positive impact on others in the world.

It connects a global community

Share your ideas to engage like-minded people to increase support for your purpose.

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When selecting your online identity, ask yourself: what value does the last three letters bring to your organisation? If you choose .org, it broadcasts to the world that your site serves a greater good than just the bottom dollar.

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Power Your Inspiration

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FAQ About

.ORG Domain Names

We have put together some questions and answers about .ORG.

Who uses .ORG?

With over 10 million registered domains, .ORG is one of the largest gTLDs in the world. Since it is an open TLD, the .ORG domain is available for everyone. The reputation of trust that .ORG has come from its users. From Corporate Social Responsibility divisions to global non-profits to local community interest groups – people who want to make an impact in their world often create their online presence with .ORG. While nonprofits form the core of the .ORG base there are many other uses for the .ORG domain that have a positive effect on the world, both globally and locally. Examples include:

  • A company’s CSR program can highlight the difference it’s made in communities through a .ORG website
  • A social entrepreneur can use .ORG to incorporate social responsibility into their company’s mission
  • A .ORG website can help vendors that serve nonprofits connect with the community
  • Many individuals use a .ORG website to communicate their ideas and vision with the world

Do you have to be a non-profit to use .ORG?

No. Since it is an open TLD, .ORG is open for anyone to use, providing a powerful stage for organizations, associations, clubs, businesses and individuals to bring their inspiration to the world.

What makes .ORG different from other domains?

For diverse global communities and individuals who want to do great things online, .ORG is the original open gTLD, purpose-driven to empower and connect those who inspire.

Choosing to build the foundation of your online home on the trusted reputation of .ORG can help you achieve your goals. Sites that use .ORG are reputed for conveying trust, providing reliable and dependable information, generating good will, and improving engagement and support.

How does .ORG ensure safety and security?

Protecting the online assets of the .ORG community is a top priority for PIR. PIR continuously works with industry partners to ensure the best policies, practices, and technologies are employed to handle data in a manner that fosters credibility and trust. PIR does not tolerate abuse (including, but not limited to spam, phishing, pharming, malware, and botnet) in its domain extensions and will act upon any domain name that is determined to be violating its Anti-Abuse Policy. PIR vigilantly monitors registrations on a daily basis for anti-abuse purposes with the aim of keeping .ORG and its other extensions the trusted spaces they are today.

.ORG pioneered as the first gTLD to offer full Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) deployment, allowing .ORG users as well as Internet Service Providers to verify DNS data origin authenticity and integrity. The DNSSEC protocol protects against forms of domain hijacking and provides an important component in a layered defense strategy for anybody wanting to make sure their online presence is secure and trusted. Using a .ORG name with DNSSEC helps to make the Internet safer for users.

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